Ethical Nomad

BODHI is associated with several social and ecological initiatives and claims its persevering mark of "wandering hummingbird" for the Planet and those who compose it.   


BODHI contributes 12% of its semi-annual sales in Cote d'Ivoire to the International Association of Women of Cote d'Ivoire, which supports local projects aimed at welcoming and aiding women and children experiencing great hardship or exclusion in Abidjan through literacy schemes, recreation for young orphans, aid to centers for severely disabled, support of young mothers and children and AIDS patients.


BODHI develops an ecological approach to its packaging by using NO ISSUE paper to wrap your jewelry and silk pouches made from upcycled saris in Jaipur.


BODHI has been working for 5 years with fairtrade workshop of the Nightlight International Foundation in Bangkok for the production of its jewelry models that require the beading and stitching of beads, and most recently, the assembling of bracelets and earrings of semi precious stones.


Other initiatives will soon be added to these, so keep following our news!

AIFCI - Association Internationale de Fe