Isabelle Pistone Zesiger

Founder & Designer



BODHI Creations is a collection of jewelry and fashion accessories inspired by the beauty of this world. Behind these creations is much more than a woman of mixed origins; there are especially encounters. Encounters with: materials, silver, bronze, brass, fine stones, freshwater pearls, leather, gold, silver. . .  . Those with all the elements which compose our planet and remind us of its supreme beauty . . . . And those with men women of talent and remarkable value.


I chose to name my line BODHI Creations in reference to the Bodhi Tree, which symbolizes the attainment of awakening in Buddhism. Each new creation is fulfilling and joyful, and represents a material form of the enlightenment/illumination, which inhabits us as we participate in a creative process.  I refer to that something mystical and deeply harmonious which guides one's spirit and hands to the fulfillment of an idea which could have remained unrealized.


You will find in these pages, jewelry which I personally created from beginning to end, findings which left me awestruck and which I absolutely wanted to share so much did I feel in harmony with their form and substance.  Finally, that in which I take not a little pride, are those creations for which I did the sketches on which were based the work of accomplished, highly skilled craftsmen and women to bring to life my inspirations.


In Bangkok, my beaded jewelry is produced by the fairtrade workshop of the Nightlight International Foundation.  This workshop allows women in highly vulnerable situations to find dignity and independence thanks to the revenue and respectful work conditions offered to them. 


In Jaipur, it is in the Ateliers Dwarka and Kapil that collections emerge where the expertise of jewelry artisans of Rajasthan reveal their magic in an environment respectful of their dignity. And in the tiny boutique of a true sage that one by one the pouches made of "saris" were chosen to safeguard your jewel-talismans.


In Bamako and then Abidjan,  my collaborations began with Tuareg artisans with ancestral talents. We pursue them until today to propose creations produced entirely by hand under influences both graphic, ethnic and timeless.


In wearing a piece of BODHI jewelry, you will undoubtedly appreciate what their creators whispered to the winds: universality, union, aesthetic syncretism of beauty, respect, wonder and love.