Product Description   


1. Earrings, silver 925, gold plated, Mother of Pearl

2. Earrings, silver 925, gold plated, Smokey Quartz

3. Earrings, silver 925, gold plated, Crystal quartz

4. Earrings, silver 925, gold plated, Black onyx

5. Earrings, silver 925, gold plated, Rose quartz

6. Earrings, silver 925, gold plated, Moonstone, 

7. Earrings, silver 925, gold plated, Black onyx

8. Earrings, silver 925, gold plated, Light Labradorite

9. Earrings, silver 925, gold plated, Black onyx


  • BODHI jewellery is crafted in silver, bronze, gold and is plated with hard-wearing 18k gold to a thickness of 3 microns. Most of the stones that we use are natural, semi-precious stones, meaning that their colour and shape may vary. You will keep your jewellery looking beautiful for years to come by following the tips from our care guide:

    • Even though our jewellery is made to be worn day in, day out, it's still advisable that you put your jewellery on after having applied your make-up and perfume. And don't forget to take your jewelry off when you go to bed from time to time.
    • Our silk pouches and our BODHI tissue papers are your jewellery's best friend. Not only do they protect it from light and humidity but they also prevent your jewellery from becoming tangled and mixed up. Try to remember to use them when you're not wearing your jewellery and when you're in a wanderlust mood.
    • Finally, use the soft, cleaning cloth provided in your pouch to clean your jewellery. This will revive that golden soft spark which can dull slightly over time. ULTIMATE JEWELRY LOVERS TIP: Avoid tangled necklaces by leaving the clasp on the outside of the pouch when closing it. Jewellery always tangles from the ends.